Centaur Financial Services is regulated under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).


Centaur Financial Services allows for simple investments with stocks, currencies, commodities and indices .


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This platform is under the operation of Centaur Financial Services Limited, an investment Firm regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with license number KEPEY 018/03.

Centaur Financial Services Limited is a fund management group, providing discretionary portfolio management services to high net worth individuals, institutions, provident funds and listed investment trusts.

Centaur Financial Services Limited manages individually tailored portfolios for high net worth individuals, institutions and mutual funds. In addition, Centaur Financial Services Limited structures fixed income tailor-made products for institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Through its eighteen-year history Centaur Financial Services Limited has consistently delivered above-average returns using proprietary research to identify undervalued assets in a variety of industries and markets. The research and administration is controlled from our office in the US, but investors typically choose to hold their assets with UK regulated brokers and custodians.


Centaur Financial Services Limited can advise on the optimum investment vehicle to suit the tax status of each client. Centaur Financial Services Limited can assist in establishing a separate offshore investment vehicle should our client desire not to trade on a personal account.


Centaur Financials Services Limited tailor makes portfolios to suit specific risk/return profiles. Portfolios can be constructed to provide exposure to specific markets, focus on stocks or derivatives and range from conservative to aggressive. This service is targeted to both institutional and high net worth individuals that would like to commit a minimum of $500 for a portfolio.


All investments are conducted in liquid financial instruments and can be liquidated typically within a period of 48 hours. Investment can be established at any point in time, allowing Centaur Financial Services Limited to monitor constantly on a real time basis the performance of each portfolio.

High Targeted Returns

Centaur Financial Services Limited investment strategy targets returns in the following ranges:
- Low Risk 5% per annum
- Medium Risk 10% per annum
- High Risk in excess of 15% per annum

Since each client has his own unique portfolio, no two accounts will have precisely the same return. This will vary according to the risk profile and other investment objectives of each investor.